Why You Have To Be Careful With What You Put Into a Skip Bin

24 October 2017
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If you have an extensive renovation project in your future, you may be getting in touch with various contractors in order to help you out. You may be figuring out what you're going to bring in as part of the development, but also calculating how to dispose of a myriad of unwanted items. Add to your list a skip bin services company, and get in touch with them well in advance so that you have a means to dispose of what you don't need. However, you have to handle certain items differently, as you won't be able to place them into the skip. What do you need to be careful of here?

Regulated Substances

If part of your work involves the complete renovation of some kitchen facilities, it's possible that you will be getting rid of some of the appliances therein. Be very careful when handling a fridge, as older ones will likely contain substances that are heavily regulated. Care needs to be given when getting rid of the CFCs or HCFCs that are contained within these units, and you have to contact a specialist company to help you.

Suspect Roofing Materials

Be particularly careful when you are removing roofing sheets from the building if you don't know what they contain. It is still possible that some of them may have asbestos, which can of course cause serious damage or even death if inhaled. Before you even touch the roof, contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor so that they can come and have a look and confirm exactly what you have.

Leftover Paint

You may well have a garage that is full of "stuff" you don't need any more. There may be gallons of unused paint sitting in the corner which was never used and is not going to fit in with your vision for renovation. Skip bin hire companies are not able to easily dispose of solvent-based paints, so you need to take other action. Sometimes, you can simply add cat litter to the paint, which will dry it out, and in that case, you can place it with your household waste.

Old Oil

It's a little more difficult to get rid of old engine oil. You should never try and pour this down a drain, nor should you place it into the skip bin, as, if it leaks, it will cause a lot of damage. This needs to be recycled by visiting your local waste disposal site.

Any Further Questions

If you need any further advice about what you can and what you cannot put into your skip bin, get in touch with the supplier for their initial advice.