Chemical Dosing Equipment for Small Pub Establishments

24 October 2017
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If you own a small pub, then you know the importance of sanitation. This importance is not just limited to the food production line, kitchen workers, or waitstaff. It also spans out to your brewery stations, alcohol dispensing, and into your kitchen supply and storage areas. One of the ways to deal with this is to use chemical dosing solutions and equipment for sanitation purposes. You may already have the solutions covered, but here are some equipment choices to consider.

Dosing Pumps

A dosing pump will allow you to set the proper amount of solution for the different areas of your pub. For example, you may want to use a certain mixture of chemical dosing solutions in your walk-in freezers and coolers than you would in the main kitchen area. You can set the pump for this amount and know that it will be taken care of as long as you keep the pump connected to or filled with solution. These pumps come in various sizes and even have wall mounted ones for smaller spaces.

Dishwasher Station

You may have chemical dosing solutions that are strictly for your dishware. This solution may need to be dispensed in a specific amount during the normal washing cycle. Though you can go with a traditional route of adding the solution manually, one way to ensure you are getting the right amount each time is to have a dosing hose added to your dishwasher station.

This hose can work on a timer or switch that will release the sanitation solution at the proper time in the washing cycle. This can ensure the right amount is given at the right time and the dishes are sanitized for the next service.


There are times when you will want to have the floors of the pub cleaned deeply. Some pubs and other businesses may use a pressure washer at least once a week in addition to daily routine cleaning. Though this may work, it may end up leaving you without the fully sanitized effect you want. With a sprayer nozzle that is designed to bleed chemical dosing solutions into the water as the water is released to the floors or other areas, you can ensure you are getting the right sanitization amount. These sprayers come in traditional power sprayers as well as foamers.

By considering these chemical dosing equipment choices for the sanitation of your small pub, you can help reduce chances of contamination. If you are ready to order any of these pieces of equipment, contact your local restaurant supply or sanitation consultant for pricing.