Reduce How Often Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping With These Tips

22 October 2017
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As a septic tank owner, you need to get your septic tank pumped occasionally. Pumping removes solids from the tank and creates more room so that the tank can work correctly. However, there are ways to reduce how often you need pumping. Take a look at these tips:

1. Be Careful About What You Flush

Feminine hygiene products, paper towels and flushable wipes can all be hard on your septic tank, and they all increase the amount of unnecessary solid waste that is in the tank. Ideally, you should only flush human waste and toilet paper down your toilet. Anything that doesn't fit in that category should not be flushed.

2. Think About the Sink as Well

Of course, your septic tank doesn't just hold water from your toilet. It also takes the grey waste from your kitchen sink and the other sinks in your home. In the kitchen, try not to put food down the sink. If you have an Insinkerator, don't use it. Even though it chops up the food, you are still sending unnecessary solid waste down the drain.

Also, be extremely cautious about putting oil down the sink. Throw old fry oil in the rubbish bin, and wipe out oily pans with a paper towel before washing them. Oil can gum up the whole system and require extra pumping.

3. Safeguard the Chemical Integrity of the Septic Tank

There are certain bacterias in your septic tank that help to break down the sludge. Talk with your septic tank maintenance professional about whether or not you should use additives to protect and help the bacteria in your system. Some people say that additives can help you avoid pumping as often, but others claim they throw off the chemical balance in your tank.

On top of that, also be careful about the chemicals you inadvertently put into your septic tank. Don't pour cleaning products down the sink, and when buying washing detergent, soaps and toilet bowl cleaners, do a little investigation to ensure they are as safe as possible for your septic tank. You may want to opt for eco-friendly cleaning products.

4. Take Care of Your Drainfield

If your drain field isn't functioning as it should, it won't be able to absorb the water from your septic tank, and that can cause the tank to back up and need pumping more often. Don't put extra pressure on the drain field by parking cars or storing heavy items on top of it. Also, only put in plants with low roots. Trees or bushes with large root systems can disrupt the functioning of your septic field.

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